Branch Website Revamp :)

The Inland Empire Branch 038, Spokane, Washington website has a new look 🙂

We have added a “Committees” tab which contains a drop down box for you to click on to see what the committees do and information for you from the Chairs of those committees.

For instance, the Americanism-Patriotism committee is the one that oversees the annual FRA Essay Contest.  Under their tab you will find latest updates from the Northwest Regional Judging of the essays.

In the Veterans Services committee section you will see answers from the Chair on questions or issues that have come up from our branch membership.

We have also revised the Conventions tab into a drop down box so you can look for a specific convention, i.e. Region or National.  Right now we have information on what is happening in 2021 and a hint of what will happen in 2022.

We hope you like the new look 🙂


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