Veterans Service



Dave Lord, Chair

From the Desk of your Service Officer , I have been in contact with VSO Tom Flanik and have submitted my qualifications for accreditation.

I have assisted three Veterans and met with Five more since my last letter.

I continue to study the VA websites and the latest news on the ways I may assist you with your Service Claim.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for assistance.

Very Respectfully



This committee keeps track and participates in FRA VSO and VAVS programs, providing education and outreach of same to the branch membership.  It reports on the number and activities of Branch level FRA accredited VSO representatives and representatives in the VAVS program an solicits Shipmates to become involved in the departments of veterans affairs/services on the state, local or national level, including VA regional offices, medical facilities, state or national veteran cemeteries or veteran homes.