Veterans Service



Dave Lord, Chair

As Service Officer in Training, I continue to train through the NLSVP to understand all that is required of me.  I will strive to help answer your questions for all of our Branch 38 needs to the best of my ability, Please disseminate throughout the Branch and Please include a column in upcoming newsletters as I share your answers and take your questions.

Anna asked questions regarding her Aunts in CA .  Have them contact the VBA at 800-827-1000 for Aid and Assistance Benefits.  Info received from Patient Advocate and Eligibility office 7th floor of Spokane VA Hospital 509-434-7009

Michelle asked question of a Veteran making too much to be seen in VA Hospital. If the Veteran has a Service Connected Disability, they would be assigned Tier 1:  0 – 25 %,  Tier 2:  25 – 50 %,  and Tier 3:  50 – 100 %.  The question of salary based care, I have been given a chart that I will share at our next meeting, or please call me and I will try to share with you.

Ralph asked question regarding COVID–19 vaccinations.  I went to the Pact Teams desk and was giving information to share.  Currently all Veterans 65 and older are being contacted to come in to receive.  You may also contact VA Hospital at 509-434-7979 or


This committee keeps track and participates in FRA VSO and VAVS programs, providing education and outreach of same to the branch membership.  It reports on the number and activities of Branch level FRA accredited VSO representatives and representatives in the VAVS program an solicits Shipmates to become involved in the departments of veterans affairs/services on the state, local or national level, including VA regional offices, medical facilities, state or national veteran cemeteries or veteran homes.