Membership & Retention

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PRPNW Michelle Davis     /  RVPNW Bob Bean     /   NVP  Maria Behm
Br 38 Chair                          /       NWR Chair             /      National Chair
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If you have any question on recruiting members, please let Michelle know.

FRA Basics – An advocate and ally; An advocate for you on Capitol Hill; A powerful ally when you need help; What FRA does; How FRA is structured, (no rank or rate) Everyone is a Shipmate; What’s in it for me guidance.  Our principals are:  LOYALTY – the loyalty one owes to God and Country, loyalty to Sea Services, the the loyalty one owes to Shipmate; PROTECTION – protection of one’s country by advocating an adequate defense to insure peace, and the protection of Shipmates by sponsoring measures beneficial to all; SERVICE – the rendering of service to our Shipmates and their dependents in good fortune or distress, in every possible way.