Anna Martin, Chair

Greetings FRA Members,
Just a quick note abut this year’s essay contest to share with children, grandchildren, etc.  This year’s topi is listed below.   Any student in graded 7 – 12 may enter the contest.  Home schooled included.   Contest is not limited to FRA members; however, each student must be sponsored by an FRA member or a current chartered branch.

National prize for 1st, 2nd, 3rd are $2,500, $1,500, $1,000 respectively.  The grand national prize is $5,000.  There are also regional and branch prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners.

2021-2022  FRA Americanism Essay Contest
National Winners

Best Overall;       Lauren Mathews     1st Place     Branch  316     North Central

Grade 7
Zachary Krivis                          1st Place       Branch  17         North Central
Katelyn “Camille” Avery        2nd Place     Branch   89       Southeast
Bradyn Bowers                        3rd Place      Branch  274      West Coast

Grade 8
Sonia Veldhuis        1st Place       Branch  13         Northeast/New England
Ethan Copeland      2nd Place     Branch  293      East Coast
Silas Stephens         3rd Place     Branch  364       North Central

Grade 9
Lauren Mathews       1st Place      Branch  316   North Central     Best Overall
Gabrielle Miranda         2nd Place       Branch  70        Southwest
Lilly Winslow                 3rd Place        Branch  293      East Coast

Grade 10
David Allen                    1st Place       Branch  32        North Central
Seth Guzman                 2nd Place     Branch  294     Southeast
Bayleigh S. Guidry       3rd Place      Branch  251     South Central

Grade 11
Malik Bossert-Haverland        1st Place       Branch  293     East Coast
Zachary Miranda                       2nd Place    Branch  70        Southwest
Natalie Nicole Fibelkorn         3rd Place     Branch  44        Southeast

Grade 12
J. D. Bowman           1st Place          Branch  185       West Coast
Jacob Agresta      2nd Place     Branch  55       Northwest
Callie Johnston        3rd Place         Branch  294       Southeast

2021-2022 National FRA Americanism Essay Contest
          “Why I am Proud to be an American”

Americanism Essay Contest NW Region 2021-2022

Grade Seven:
1st Place – Ashlyn Quintana – Lakewood, WA – Home school – Branch 104
2nd Place – Riley Jade White – Coupeville, WA – Coupeville Middle School – Branch 097
3rd Place – Heidi Crowder – Pocatello, ID – Legacy Christian School – Branch 382
Grade Eight:
2nd Place – Opal Johnson – Lakewood, WA – Home School – Branch 104
3rd Place – Mary Crosby – Burlington, WA – Home School – Branch 382
Grade Nine:
1st Place – Abby Yeske – Helena, MT – Capital High School – Branch 382
2nd Place – Jasper Johnson – Lakewood, WA – Home School – Branch 104
3rd Place – Brooklyn Thayer – Oak Harbor, WA – Coupeville High School – Branch 097
Grade Ten:
1st Place – Parker Smith – West Richland, WA – Hanford High School – Branch 038
2nd Place – Madelyn Clemenson – Bellingham, WA – Sehome High School – Branch 382
3rd Place – Marco Saavedra – JBLM, WA – Lakes High School  – Branch 104
Grade Eleven:
1st Place – Cadence Etheridge – Meridian, ID – Virtual School House – Branch 382
2nd Place – Charlotte Wallace – Redmond, OR – Home School – Branch 055
3rd Place – Avery Clark – Tacoma, WA – Bellarmine Prep – Branch 104
Grade Twelve:
1st Place – Jacob Agresta – Troutdale, OR – Metro East Web Academy – Branch 055
2nd Place – Shay Perlot – West Richland, WA – Hanford High School – Branch 038
3rd Place – Tray Larson – Puyallup, WA – Cascade Christian High School – Branch 104

AP Essay Contest placements for Branch 38 are as follows:
7th Grade No entrants
8th GradeNo entrants
9th GradeNo entrants
10th Grade
First Place              Parker Smith                 Hanford High School, Richland, WA
11th Grade
First Place              Rose Stewart                 Kendrick Jr/Sr High School, Kendrick, ID
12th Grade
First Place              Shay Perlot                    Hanford High School, Richland, WA
Second Place         Sydney Smith                Hanford High School, Richland, WA

The first place winners’ essays were sent to the Northwest Region AP Chair for evaluation at that level.

A-P Purpose:  This Committee encourages shipmates, as well as all fellow citizens to
(1)Honor the flag of the United States of America, (2) Observe all patriotic days and anniversaries of distinguished persons and events in our nation’s history, (3) Promote the Constitution of the United States of America and to instill and foster the principles of our founding fathers to our youth, (4) Plan appropriate activities, often with participation with other veteran organizations and encourage participation in all local patriotic programs and celebrations, (5) Conduct an annual Americanism Essay Contest, in accordance with all branch, regional, and national guidelines, and (6) Honor our departed Shipmates and their families.