Regional 2016-2017 Americanism Essay Contest Winners

Essays have been judged at the Region level and the first place winners have been forwarded to
First Place Winners:
7th Grade – Emma Richards, Culver Middle School, Branch 55
8th Grade – Thomas Middleton, Horse Heaven Hills Middle School, Branch 38

9th Grade – Rex D. Pelker III, Clackamas High School, Branch 55
10th Grade – Megan Goertz, Medial Lake High School, Branch 38
11th Grade – Benjamin P. Crosby, Home School, Branch 245
12th Grade – Adam Skelton, South Anchorage High School, Branch 342
Second Place Winners
7th Grade – Anna Salame, Kailua Intermediate, Branch 46
8th Grade – Christa Bledsoe, Grangeville Elementary & Middle School, Branch 63
9th Grade – Rebecca Harris, Home School, Branch 104
10th Grade – Paige Ohman, South Kitsap High School, Branch 29
11th Grade – Maggie Ching, Moanalua High School, Branch 46
12th Grade – Joshua Corgatelli, Moscow High School, Branch 63
Third Place Winners
7th Grade – Julieona Shields, , Post Falls Middle School, Branch 38
8th Grade – Andrei Calucag, Holy Family Catholic Academy, Branch 46
9th Grade – Sarah P. Crosby, Home School, Branch 245
10th Grade – Phillip Meng, Union High School, Branch 55
11th Grade – Ian T. Moan, Port Angeles High School, Branch 174
12th Grade – Angie Brasher, Home School, Branch 104
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