2016 Navy Ball

2016 Navy Ball was October 15, 2016 at the Lincoln Center, 1316 N. Lincoln Street, Spokane, WA.  Shipmates Grisham, Martin, and Burke have been attending the Navy Ball committee meetings as FRA representatives.  Shipmate Dwayne Harney attends as a representative of the Navy League.  There were 130 in attendance.  Admiral Lotzenheimer beat out Shipmate Bruce Vails for the oldest attendee this year. Each attendee got to take a souvenir glass home.  They make good “beer” glasses.  Fun was had by all.

It seems the NOSC members were slow on the uptake when it was asked to help take the display items (ship’s wheel and bell) back home.  The bell was put in the back of Shipmate Burke’s pickup on Saturday night and she returned it on Sunday morning.  Four FRA members, one former Air Force member, and a Fedex employee stepped up Monday morning to get the ship’s wheel back to its home.  Those shipmates who helped were, Ralph Bean, Jim Robertson, Jim Grisham, and Peg Burke.  Former Air Force member Greg Burke obtained the flatbed trailer to pull behind Peg’s truck, and his daughter Madi Sailor, the Fedex employee, came to help us.  Even though the NOSC was closed on Mondays the Security Duty Office was nice enough to open the gates and let us through to unload it.

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